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Elite Post Op Suites LLC

What to Expect During Your Stay

On the day of your surgery, we will be in contact with the recovery room nurse to determine the exact time you will be released from the surgery center, as your surgery time may vary a little from the estimated time.
Our nurse will arrive to the surgery center and meet with the recovery room nurse to receive a report on your condition. The recovery room nurse will introduce you to our nurse at this time. If you have a person waiting during surgery, they could hold your medications with them, or you can give your medications to the surgery center when you arrive, and we will pick them up when we arrive to transport you to Elite Suites. You will need to have the medications available at the time that you are transported, just in case you might want to take a pain medication or nausea medication before we begin our transport to Elite Suites.

Our nurse will drive you to Elite Post-Op Suites in the company car. If you have a friend or family member present, they may follow us, or arrive after you have had time to settle in your room. Visiting hours are at our patient’s discretion. However, we recommend visitors call Elite Post-Op Suites at (523) 344-9226 to assure you feel well enough for visitors. We also suggest visits be of short duration and infrequent to allow you sufficient time for rest and recovery.

When you arrive to our facility you will be assisted to a private room with a hospital bed. The nurse will get you into the bed position you as per your surgeon’s orders, and place devices on both your lower legs to assist in the prevention of blood clots. These machines will inflate and deflate air chambers to gently massage your legs to encourage sufficient blood flow to your legs and feet.

Elite Post Op Suites LLC

The nurse will check your blood pressure and pulse frequently for the first 2-4hours to assure your continued stability, and as warranted throughout your stay at Elite Suites.

The nurse will check your bandages and drains and the area around your surgical sites, applying ice, if ordered, and follow your post-op orders as ordered by your surgeon. We will help you to manage your pain, our goal is to keep your pain level below 4 out of 10 on a pain scale, as once the pain level gets above 6 or 7, it may take more medication to bring it down that if we keep it at a lower level consistently.

Elite Post Op Suites LLC

We will encourage you to begin drinking and taking in soup or crackers or soft foods as you are able, then progress to other foods as you tolerate them. Within the recommendations in your surgeon’s orders, we will encourage you to get up and walking, as well to assist you to decrease the frequency of your pain medicine as you decide that you are ready. Some guests come with a Foley Catheter (a tube into your bladder,) and we typically remove that the next morning per your Doctor’s orders.

Nurses or Caregivers are present during your entire stay. You will never be left unattended at the facility at any point during your stay. We will check on you quietly at intervals to assure your needs are met around-the-clock. Numerous studies have shown that decreasing stress hormone levels in patients directly correlates to enhanced healing. You will have a call bell to call us and we are never far.

Our caregivers will assist in managing your medication during your stay, helping you to stay on track with dosages and times. You will be given this schedule, along with the times you took the medications when you go home so you can stay on track.

Our caregivers will follow your physician’s orders for your post-op care and will be in contact with your physician if you, or they have questions or concerns.

Caregivers will assess your temperature, blood pressure, bandages, and surgical site frequently. They will check and empty any drains and assist you getting out of bed and walking.

During your stay our caregivers will check on you regularly, offering fresh ice packs if needed, snacks, meals, and beverages.

What to Bring from Home?

Bring loose, comfortable clothing that opens the front. A loose house dress, gown, or pajamas that open up the front are recommended.

Bring slip on shoes (not flip flops or sandals) that have a non-skid sole.

Elite Post-Op Suites has wi-fi and you may bring a laptop or tablet if you like. Please bring chargers for all your devices. The nurse will give you the wi-fi password when you arrive.

Elite Post-Op Suites has pillows and blankets. We also have walkers and wheelchairs if needed.

You may want to bring a scarf if you have had facial surgery and a robe or clothing to wear to your post-op appointment and/or home. (be sure the clothing is loose fitting and opens the front)

Bring your personal hygiene items.

Meals at Elite Post-Op Suites

The facility has a full kitchen and is fully stocked with a variety of food and beverages.

We can accommodate most dietary restrictions and requirements. However, if you prefer, you may bring food from home. We will label and store refrigerated items in our kitchen.

We keep a variety of soups, broths, jello, applesauce, and crackers which we recommend for your first meal or snack after surgery. Because many patients experience nausea following general anesthesia we highly recommend you have a light diet the first day or two.

Surgery Medications

Please be sure you have with you all the medications that your surgeon has prescribed specifically for the surgery, as we do not keep medications at Elite Suites, you will not need to make a list for us of these medications, as we will log them in with the directions on the medication bottle when you arrive.

Routine Home Medications

Please check with your physician’s office regarding your normal routine medications. You should ask them when or if to take them before surgery as well as when you may resume taking them after surgery bring any routine medications that you normally take on a routine basis at home you will need to take during your stay We ask that you provide a list of routine home medications that includes the dosage and the usual time you take them so we may better assist you to keep to your prescribed schedule and dosage.

Post-Op Appointments

For the guests who stay 2 or more nights at Elite Post-Op Suites, a caregiver to drive you to your first Post-Op Appointment, either the first morning after surgery, or the second morning after surgery, is included in the cost of your room.

If you have your post-op surgery appointment on the day that you leave, you should arrange for a friend or family member to either pick you up at Elite Suites or meet you at the physician’ office at the time of your appointment whichever you prefer. If they meet you at the Surgeons office, they can transfer your belongings to their vehicle and be ready to drive you home when your appointment ends.

Discharge from Elite Post-Op Suites

Check out from Elite Post-Op Suites when you are going home is between 10 to 11, regardless of arrival time the day of surgery.
When you are ready to go home, our caregivers will assist you to dress and gather your personal belongings, as well as to count your narcotic medications with you or the person who will be taking you home, and send you home with a record telling you the schedule to follow at home with your medications. If you go home with any drains in, we will show you and/or your caregiver how to strip, empty and record the drainage, so you can take the record to you surgeon on your visit.

If you have Lovenox injections ordered, we will show you or your caregiver how to give them.
The caregiver will go over the post-op care instructions from your physician and you will be given a printed copy of these instructions. If you would like, the person who will be assisting you at home may be present during this time so they may also learn what is needed.

The caregiver will go over your medications and provide you a copy of the medication administration record where all your medications have been recorded. This will allow you to keep on track with your meds at home.

The caregiver will teach you how to empty drains if you have any and how to do Lovenox injections if you are prescribed that medication.

Broth (chicken or vegetable) Applesauce Protein Shake
Crackers (saltines, Ritz, gluten free) Popsicles Jello
Soup (chicken and rice, chicken and noodle, or vegetable) Toast (wheat or gluten free)
Eggs (prepared to your preference) Sandwich (turkey, ham, or grilled cheese) Chicken Breast
Bacon (turkey or pork) Chips (several options) Salmon
Yogurt (blueberry or vanilla) Soup (several options) Tilapia
Fresh Fruit (strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, bananas) Fruit salad Steamed Veggies
Oatmeal (plain and fruit flavors) Green leafy salad Brown Rice
English Muffin Salad
Whole Wheat Toast
Pudding (chocolate or vanilla) Ice Cream (vanilla)

We keep a variety of juice, soft drinks, sparkling water, Gatorade, milk (or almond milk), coffee, tea, and protein shakes.