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Elite Post Op Suites LLC

Make a Reservation

1. Referral Sheet

Our reservations sometimes are initiated by your Physician, who sends us a referral Sheet and then we call you.
Other doctors tell their patients about us, maybe give our brochure, and we hear first from you.
In this case, we will get some preliminary information from you, then we will call the Doctor’s office and send them a referral sheet to fill out and fax back to us. Then we will call you again and we can start the process.

2. Read our Website

This is very important, as being well prepared will affect your outcome and your anxiety, and your experience in a positive way. we have most all questions and details regarding your stay on the website.

3. Fill out the questionnaire, and the contract

Payment will need to be made on our website, or over the phone with us at about 2 to 4 weeks ahead of your surgery. We take most major credit cards. Another option is to send us a check.

4. Post-Operative Appointment.

Let us know when you know about your post-operative appointment, (we are happy to take you to your appointment if you stay is 2 or more days long).

5. Medications

Get your meds ready to bring, including your home, routine medications (separate,) from the medications that are prescribed for this surgery by your Surgeon.

Call Nancy or Rhonda

With any questions that you still have, or any changes that have been made to your information !