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Elite Suites

Designed with your comfort and privacy in mind

Welcome to Elite Suites

Elite Post-Op Suite is a recovery  center that enables patients to heal after surgery in a tranquil, home-like environment. The team at Elite Post-Op Suite offers customized medical attention along with compassionate nursing care.


Cosmetic, reconstructive and other elective medical procedures require special care and attention during the recovery period. Particularly important are the first 24-72 hours after surgery, when skilled post-operative observation and supportive care are essential for ensuring your body’s healing process is at its strongest.

Guests who stay at Elite Post-op Suites will begin thier recovery with the peace of mind that will allow them to rest and heal.  Our professionals will be assisting you with your needs, carefully following your surgeon's orders. We will help you to begin your journey down the path to healing. Our mission is to pamper you and provide safe, tranquil, and confidential after-surgery care.

Elite Post Op Suites LLC

Privacy, Peace, & Tranquility.


Elite Post Op Suites LLC

Relax, we will guide you on your recovery.

Elite Post Op Suites LLC

Our compassionate staff are here to promote your healing so you can relax, knowing that we have your needs attended to just as you are our family.

Elite Post Op Suites LLC

Overnight Stays

Elite Suites offers personal care with clinical eyes on your comfort, safety and recovery. Elite suites will follow your Doctor’s Post Op instructions carefully and report any issues of concern. Elite Suites offer the medical knowledge of how to guide you through your post operative journey, the ability to help keep you comfortable and safe,  a focus on personal attention, and pampering along the way.

Our Services

We provide an RN Nurse to greet you at the recovery room, receive a report from the Recovery Room Nurse, and assess that your are suitable to transfer to the Elite Suites in our vehicle. Our Nurse will bring you to The Elite Suites and get you settled in your room, check your vital signs frequently and assist you with your pain management and begin your Surgeon's Orders.  As you are able, we will begin assisting you drink and eat some soft food, progressing to normal foods as you are ready. We will observe you and watch your vital signs frequently and observe you for any signs that would need to be reported to your Surgeon. We will assist you with ambulating, as you are able.  You will be encouraged to rest , knowing that your doctor's orders are being followed by compassionate, competent, and well trained Medical Personnel.

Why Professional Recovery Care?

A common complaint by post-op plastic surgery patients is that their spouses or friends were well meaning, but unable to provide good recovery assistance. Busy households and hectic schedules, pets and children,  make rest, relaxation, and adherence to activity restrictions difficult. Patients without adequate recovery help often require a longer and more difficult recovery course. Securing your overnight recovery retreat in advance is an easy way to plan for a smoother recovery.